When people think of hail, they usually think of winter storms up north, of chunks of ice falling right along with snow. People who are new to the Greater Houston area would be surprised to learn that, even this far south, hail damage is a very real problem. Luckily, Redneck Roofing has trained teams to handle any hail damage repairs your roof might need.

Types of Hail Damage

After a hail storm, most damage is pretty visible. It’s easy to see broken windows, damaged siding, and broken tree limbs, but a damaged roof can be much harder to spot, especially from the ground. The easy way to check your roof after a hail storm is to check any trees near your roof. If the tree branches and leaves suffered heavy damage, then your roof is probably damaged as well. The type of damage, though, can be difficult to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for.hail damage

Severe hail damage is easiest to spot between the two types of damage. Torn, cracked, and missing shingles all are considered to be severe damage after a hail storm. Any time your shingles are damaged or missing, moisture quickly seeps through to cause even more severe damage. They need to be replaced, quickly, to avoid any deeply rooted damage.

The second form of damage, latent damage, can’t be spotted from the ground. Even from the roof, it can only be spotted by a highly trained professional. When a hailstone strikes a shingle, it doesn’t always break the shingle. Just because the shingle isn’t obviously broken, however, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t damaged. With every hail strike to your roof, more and more protective granules fall off of the shingles. Without the protective granules, shingles crack and break under weather conditions.

If your roof has suffered from hail damage, don’t hesitate! Contact us for a quote today! A shingle in time saves nine, after all!